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The exhibition „Diffusions” by Katarzyna Wendland – is an interdisciplinary arrangement of the exhibition space of the Gallery of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science of the Nicolaus Copernicus University. The artist presents here works that are part of several thematically and formally diverse cycles carried out by her in parallel in various disciplines. The artist uses a variety of interpenetrating and complementary media, which she uses to express, record and convey her fascinations with color, light, space, movement, rhythm and sound and their mutual associations. He creates compositions and simultaneous arrangements, interacting with each other and stimulating reception to a multi-sensory reception. The phenomenon of movement, its stages, rhythmicity and spatial light animated by the light is especially inspiring for her. Light as a causative and organizing factor is at the same time a spiritual element. The artist also refers to the symbolism of colors, of which the blue is of particular importance to her, as a color that gives off-dimensional feelings, leading to infinity. The artist explores the spiritual and spatial values ​​of the blue in large-scale paintings from the „Stratosphere” series. They are accompanied by images from the cycle „Follow the sun” – a kind of circular mandala. Spherical compositional arrangements retained in one of the possible versions of the rotating system of shapes and colors, show the inexhaustible potential of light as a special medium binding the matter of spirituality with an invisible binder. The exhibition is complemented by an experimental drawing using synthetic materials, digital photography and sound installation, which is an attempt to translate the language of visual arts into the language of sound.

-Mirosława Rochecka dr hab.prof.UMK

06 2017